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Institutional Analysis of Discourse


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This is a conceptual sustentation on Institutional Analysis of Discourse as a method of research in psychology and as a strategy of thinking for concrete interventions into institutions, even into clinical psychoanalytic treatment. This method has taken body over more than twenty years of studies, research and incursions into different social sectors or institutions. Its basic characteristic is to take psychology into the borders of other areas of knowledge. What we therefore sustain is that psychology can interface with sociology (concrete institution analysis), linguistics (the pragmatics of French discourse analysis) and the ideas of Michel Foucault (to which both are somehow related). It is created a field of tensions with terms and concepts that shall demand a disciplined and attentive work, the challenging field of arguments and discussions of this book.

Author: Guirado, Marlene

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 3639269225
Language: English
Pages: 212

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