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Introduction to Countertransference in Therapeutic Practice: A Myriad of Mirrors



While transference has been fully described in the literature, countertransference has been viewed as its ugly sibling, and hence there are still not as many reflective accounts or guidance for trainees about how to handle difficult emotions, such as shame and envy and conflict in the consulting room. As a counterpoint, this book provides an integrative guide for therapists on the concept of countertransference, and takes a critical stance on the phenomenon, and theorising, about the “so-called” countertransference, viewing it as a framework to explore the transformative potential in managing strong emotions and difficult transactions. 

With an explicit focus on teaching, this book informs therapeutic practice by mixing theories and case studies from the authors’ own clinical and teaching experiences, which involves the reader in case studies, reflection and action points. Countertransference is explored in a wide range of clinical settings, including in reflective practice and in research in the field of therapy, as well as in art therapy and in the school setting. It also considers countertransference in dream interpretation, in the supervision and teaching environment and in work with groups and organisations.

Introduction to Countertransference in Therapeutic Practice offers psychotherapists and counsellors, both practicing and in training, a comprehensive overview of this important concept, from its roots in Freud’s work to its place today in a global, transcultural society.

Editor: Valerio, Paola

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1138690104
Language: English
Pages: 234

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