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It’s Ok, Feelings, I Got You: Therapeutic Comic Drawing



Tikva Wolf is interested in the power comics have to change minds and even lives. Known primarily for her webcomic Kimchi Cuddles, which shines a light on the joys and frustrations of polyamory, Tikva also uses comics as a process for healing and growth. It’s OK, Feelings, I Got You explores another facet of comics–one aimed at engagement rather than escapism. Adapted from Tikva’s Therapeutic Comic Drawing class, the book provides readers with a guide for making comics as a means of presently engaging their experiences and moving forward conscientiously. By noticing actual experience, rather than suppressing or reframing it, participants are able to better grasp the options available to them and make the best choice that does the most with what they have. This isn’t a book about using our trauma to make masterpieces, but a book about using art to pick up the pieces.

Author: Wolf, Tikva

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 1944934715
Language: English
Pages: 64

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