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Jerome Bruner: The Cognitive Revolution in Educational Theory



A major international reference series providing comprehensive accounts of the work of seminal educational thinkers from a variety of periods, disciplines and traditions. It is the most ambitious and prestigious such project ever published – a definitive resource for at least a generation. The thinkers include: Aquinas, Aristotle, Bourdieu, Bruner, Dewey, Foucault, Freire, Holt, Kant, Locke, Montessori, Neill, Newman, Owen, Peters, Piaget, Plato, Rousseau, Steiner, Vygotsky, West and Wollstonecraft.
Jerome Bruner is indisputably a major thinker in education. David Olson’s volume offers the most coherent account of Bruner’s educational thought. This work is divided into:
Intellectual biography,
Critical exposition of Bruner’s work,
The reception and influence of Bruner’s work,
The relevance of the work today and Excerpts from an interview with Jerome Bruner.

Author: Olson, David R

Topic: Biography / Autobiography
Media: Book
ISBN: 826484026
Language: English
Pages: 224

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