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Jungian Circumambulation of Art & Therapy: Ornithology for the Birds


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Originator, innovator, activist and educator, Emeritus Professor Michael Edwards was central to the international evolution of art therapy. These previously unpublished papers are the most substantial written record of his thinking. Highly praised by leading figures in art psychotherapy, Professor Shaun McNiff wrote ‘…the ideas have wings that carry the reader inside to the marrow of art… The book will appeal to artists looking for a threshold into the arts in therapy’. Rejection of reductionism and fundamentalism made Edwards a champion of soul, a challenger of simple mindedness. Widely honoured as an art therapist, educator, supervisor and Jungian analyst this book appropriately reflects Edwards achievements. The humour, wisdom and idiosyncrasy of the writer has been preserved in the careful editing by Learmonth & Huckvale of these transcribed talks. The book is beautifully illustrated with some of Edward’s favourite artworks, the ‘Talepieces’ from Thomas Bewick’s Birds.

Author: Edwards, Michael

Topic: Art & Art Instruction
Media: Book
ISBN: 955340039
Language: English
Pages: 322

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