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Life After Stress (Softcover Reprint of the Original 1st 1982)


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STRESS STYLES It is late afternoon on the last Friday of the month. At the bank, the lines of customers waiting to deposit their paychecks or to withdraw money for the weekend have stretched practically to the front doors. At one window, a customer finishes and the next person, a merchant, steps up. He opens a cloth bag and produces a stack of checks, cash, and deposit slips almost two inches thick. The teller’s eyes widen. This will be at least ten minutes’ work, maybe fifteen. What about those other customers waiting in line? How will they react? Interestingly enough, the reactions of the customers waiting in line behind the merchant vary considerably. Gary Johnson, for instance, is furious. He grinds his cigarette under his heel and mutters about inconsiderate jerks who wait until the last minute to deposit their week’s receipts. Gary shifts back and forth from foot to foot, the swaying of his body telegraphing his frustration. He probes his pockets to see whether any of his antacid mints are left. Finding none, he curses under his breath and lights another cigarette.

Author: Shaffer, M

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1468441051
Language: English
Pages: 273

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