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Life Sucks: How to Deal with the Way Life Is, Was, and Always Will Be Unfair



From New York Times best-selling authors Michael I. Bennett, MD and Sarah Bennett–a book for teens that shows readers that we all deal with crap in our lives and how to laugh at some of the things we can’t control.

Being a teenager can suck. Your friends can become enemies, and your enemies can become friends. Your family can drive you crazy. School and teachers can be a drag. Your body is constantly changing. And everyone seems to tell you to “just be you.” But just who is that?

With their open and honest approach, father-daughter team Michael I. Bennett and Sarah Bennett’s book is sure to appeal to teenagers and show them they aren’t alone in dealing with fake friends, with parents who think they’re “hip,” and even how high school isn’t everyone’s glory days. Young readers–and their parents–are sure to find this no-nonsense, real-life advice helpful, and it will help them realize that it’s okay to talk to their parents and other advisors around them about big issues that might be uncomfortable to discuss.

Author: Bennett, Michael I, Author: Bennett, Sarah, Illustrator: Gibson, Bridget

Topic: Young Adult Misc. Nonfiction
Media: Book
ISBN: 1524787906
Language: English
Pages: 240

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