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Little Artists 3-in-1 Standing Easel


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Little Artists, Big Ideas

Create masterpieces with your very own art studio! The Little Artists 3-in-1 Standing Easel makes it so easy for young artists to express themselves in all sorts of ways because it works as a whiteboard, a chalkboard, and a magnet board! Plus, when you affix a roll of easel paper to the top, there’s even more ways to create: paint, markers, crayons, colored pencils, chalk, dry erase markers, stamps, and more.

Art is so vital to your child’s development and achievement. In the hand of a child, a simple piece of chalk, a crayon, marker or paintbrush becomes a direct conduit to the imagination. But it also becomes an invaluable instructional tool.

Why You’ll Love It:

–Writing readiness begins with scribbles. Occupational therapists agree that inclined surfaces are best for developing fine motor skills by instilling proper wrist position and a functional pencil grip.

–New worlds mean new language: Talking to children about their creations transfers crucial vocabulary and refines critical thinking skills.

–A new kind of problem solver: Creating art is a series of ideas, experiments and decisions. Children who express themselves artistically develop a sense of innovation and decisiveness.

What’s in the Box?

One nearly-assembled easel (just attach tray and paper roll holder), 1 roll of white easel paper, 75 magnetic letters, a box of rainbow chalk, and a chalk eraser.

Additional information

Weight 10.85 lbs
Dimensions 36.5 × 22 × 2 in


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