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Measures of Legal Attitudes



Intended to help make material on criminal cases and law relevant and personal for students, THE MEASURE OF LEGAL ATTITUDES is a workbook-style supplement that features 31 scales that measure attitudes relevant to the legal system. Gathered from active researchers in the field, each chapter covers a different scale or topic, and includes scale items and scoring instructions. Each scale is consistently organized to include the following: the title of the scale, author of the scale, author contact info, purpose of the scale, relevant publications list pertaining to the scale, scale items and directions, a scoring key, and a summary of contents. Among the high interest topics covered by this text: legal attitudes of prospective jurors, attitudes about medical malpractice, attitudes towards physician-assisted suicide, acceptance of rape myths, attitudes toward the death penalty, knowledge of eyewitness testimony, attitudes about spouse abuse and battered women, and political correctness.

Author: Wrightsman, Lawrence S, Jr., Author: Edkins, Vanessa A, Author: Batson, Angela L

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 534526829
Language: English
Pages: 191

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