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Multicultural/Multimodal/Multisystems Approach to Working with Culturally Different Families



With the growing interest in the great number of culturally, linguistically, and ethnically different families entering the United States, it is essential for researchers and mental health practitioners to acquire a working knowledge that can aid in a healthier adjustment of these families. Although it is impossible for any therapist to understand the traditions, values, and languages of all immigrant groups, a therapist may be guided by a conceptual operational principle that can be implemented across diverse groups and circumstances. Dr. Gopaul-McNicol introduces a model for assessment; the techniques and strategies proposed by this model range from cognitive behavioral interventions to multimodal and multisystems approaches to treatment.

The book covers historical and contemporary perspectives of the influence of culture on an individual’s functioning. Assessment issues include intellectual, educational and visual motor assessment and its applicability with culturally diverse clients. The author also highlights ways of misassessing the personality of culturally different individuals and examines the major treatment approaches in counseling the culturally different.

Author: Gopaul-McNicol, Sharon-Ann

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 275955605
Language: English
Pages: 149

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