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‘new’ Book of the Dead: A Guidebook for the Living, Transformation for the Afterlife (Editon 2018)



There’s two things we don’t like to discuss … sex and death. There’s two things we must do … pay taxes and die. There’s two things we fear most … dentists and being dead. Death, Dying and being Dead … but what about the Afterlife? Most people know nothing about it, but it’s something we all must do, and for many … they fear it as well. After years of inquiry, study, and personal experience … Anderson Andrews brings you this unique life-changing book. This book is about your Soul’s transformation, during what we call the living years, dying to life, being dead … and the Afterlife. It’s spiritual, comforting, and changes your perception of death. It fills in all the gaps that religion doesn’t, and explains the Afterlife in ways that religion has never dared to avow. Discover … how to have a joyful death. Learn … all you need to know about grief. Find out … how dying is the most important part of your life. Release … your fear of death. Realize … death doesn’t exist … there’s only transformation. As an added bonus, experience … the dying trajectory, and the first Bardo of Death in the Near Realm in two incredible guided meditation. I guarantee … you will learn things you never knew before.

Author: Andrews, Anderson

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1643163671
Language: English
Pages: 396

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