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New Directions in Health Psychology (Five-Volume Set)


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Health psychology is one of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding areas of psychology as evidenced by the increasing number of research articles and training programmes. With such extensive growth there is a need for a process of regular review and identification of the major developments, opportunities and challenges.

This five-volume Major Work contains influential theories and conceptual reviews while featuring empirical articles on a rapidly-expanding knowledge base. The collection showcases state-of-the-art methodological advances and provides a significant resource for scholars in health psychology and related fields, including nursing, public health, and medical sociology.

Volume One: The rise and fall of social cognition models

Volume Two: The persistence of the psychosocial

Volume Three: The increasing focus on interventions

Volume Four: Differentiation in the field

Volume Five: Diversity – The expansion of contexts

Editor: Murray, Michael, Editor: Chamberlain, Kerry

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 1446287602
Language: English
Pages: 1760

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