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New Frontiers in Cognitive Aging



With an ever increasing population of aging people in the western world, it is more crucial than ever that we try to understand how and why cognitive competence breaks down with advancing age. Why do some people follow normal patterns of cognitive change, while others follow a path of progressive decline, becoming stricken with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alheimer’s. What can be done to prevent cognitive decline-or to avoid neurodegenerative diseases? The answers, if they come, will not emerge from research within one discipline, but from work being done across a range of scientific and medical specialities.
This volume brings together leading experts from a range of fields studying cognitive aging, including neuroscience, pharmacology, health, genetics, sensory biology, and epidemiology. Unlike other books in this area, this book is more about “new frontiers” than past research and accomplishments. Recently cognitive aging research has taken several new directions, linking with, and benefiting from, rapid technological and theoretical advances in these neighboring disciplines. This book provides unique interdisciplinary coverage of the topic. With each chapter including commentaries from other specialists in related fields, the book provides integrative study of the topic. For those within the fields of psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and geriatrics, this volume will make an important contribution in furthering our understanding of a problem that affects all of us.

Editor: Dixon, Roger A, Editor: Backman, Lars, Editor: Nilsson, Lars-Goran

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 198525699
Language: English
Pages: 362

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