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Ordinary Miracles: True Stories about Overcoming Obstacles & Surviving Catastrophes



Catastrophes can occur with unexpected swiftness and in an instant change our lives forever. Illnesses and other misfortunes may develop slowly over time and they too may change our lives forever. But the story does not have to end there. With the help of some very special people – occupational therapists – there is hope, and miracles do happen.

If you do not know what occupational therapy is or what an occupational therapist does, don’t worry! Read on and find out how people have learned to cope with their troubles and have become stronger by the very act of overcoming obstacles and surviving catastrophes. These are their stories – written by the people who lived them, their families, or those who helped them save the day.

Ordinary Miracles: True Stories About Overcoming Obstacles & Surviving Catastrophes is an inspirational book containing over 95 true stories about everyday miracles that ordinary people worked hard to create for themselves -people like you or me, a spouse, child, parent, or friend. Some of the people were born with disabling conditions, others suffered illness, some were injured, and some experienced the ordinary conditions of old age. All of them required help to learn or relearn the skills they needed for the job of living, and with the aid of an occupational therapist, they all found the strength and courage to do so.

Each of these stories illustrates the way someone was helped to overcome and defy the odds and shows how people have redesigned their lives to be meaningful and fulfilling following what could have been a life-shattering event. Their stories are tributes to the ability of people to triumph over adversity and to succeed when life is at its hardest. You will be amazed at their courage, energized by their achievements, and awed at the miracles they managed to accomplish. Some of these stories will bring a tear, some a smile, but all will inspire you with the knowledge and confidence that Ordinary Miracles do happen.

Editor: Labovitz, Deborah R

Topic: Inspirational
Media: Book
ISBN: 1556425716
Language: English
Pages: 416

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