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Outdoor Educator’s Guide to Awe: Understanding High Impact Learning



How can we create moments of awe in the lives of our students? Moments that will inspire them, enlighten and fuel their passion for learning. How can we elevate our students and turn the every day in to the extra-ordinary? This collection of essays addresses these questions through exploring personal experiences and bringing together the latest research on Awe and transformational moments in learning. This is relevant is for those who look to increase the impact of their work. With contributions from the leading researchers and writers in the field, it explores how the teacher, their session and the student can turn learning into more meaningful learning experiences.

Author: Long, Kevin P, Contribution by: Keltner, Dacher, Contribution by: Wilson, Ruth a

Topic: Education / Teaching
Media: Book
ISBN: 954778219
Language: English
Pages: 152

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