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Personal Style Coaching Handbook: For the Outstanding Life Coach


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Are you a life coach? You are involved in helping people to achieve their goals? Here is a great resource that will help you scale up your coaching practice as you transform your clients lives. Your coaching clients are about to experience your added advantage.

This workbook for the life coach is designed to be used during coaching sessions by the coach. Clergy, parents, managers, teachers, career coaches, school counselors and anyone involved in human or personal development, will find this book a great asset. This Life coaching book is designed specifically for the professional life coach and everyone working personal development coaching. With this book you will be able to facilitate the best life coaching sessions ever.

Good to be used for 5 clients at the same time, this coach workbook, journal, diary and notebook offers real coaching sessions where you are the helper can take advantage and fill in the blanks while asking relevant evoking questions that change lives. Are you a recovery coach, practicing recovery coaching, sobriety coaching or sober coaching? Be the better life coach by using the strategy in this coaching notebook. You will also find coaching questions that will help your clients to evoke their best solutions.

In this book, you will get:

New Client Intake Form: This is where you record your intake conversation with your client. You may send a copy in advance or ask the question in person. It may take up to ten minutes.

Powerful Questions for Starting Your Sessions: These are proven powerful question that you can ask at the beginning and during any coaching session. You do not necessarily have to ask all questions on each session. Each coaching session you will facilitate will be as unique as the individual you are coaching. Become the proserous coach you have always wanted to be, starting today.

Coaching Goals and Planning Form: The reason your client is coming to you is they either want something or don’t want something in their life. One of the things that will be helpful to move forward as quickly and easily as possible in your coaching sessions is to identify your client’s goals. They can be short-term goals or long term goals. They can be from one category or all of the categories. Once you have your client’s list of goals, help her/him arrange them in the order of priority

Ongoing Coaching Sessions: These are ongoing coaching sessions. You may continue each session using the form provided. Each coaching client will have twelve Ongoing Coaching Sessions Forms.

This is a coaching journal for all your results coaching strategies, the diary for life coaching. It will be useful for the Christian life coach, Muslim life coach and any religion. Coaching is coaching.

By using this recovery notebook, you will ultimately help your clients/ patients or students to thrive and live the lives they have always wanted. As you provide support for someone you care about, you will find an abundance of coaching resources in these pages. Because of its impact on lives, some say this book should have cost thousands of dollars. This book will make your coaching practice easier and manageable. You are about to touch your clients lives in special ways.

Author: Platinum, T Z

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1729714595
Language: English
Pages: 122

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