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Psychiatry Essentials for Primary Care



Psychiatry Essentials for Primary Care is an easy-to-use resource written specifically for general clinicians from the general medical point of view! It helps physicians recognize, screen, and manage various psychiatric disorders. Focusing on MAPSO (mood disorders, anxiety, psychosis, substance-induced and organic/other issues) the book provides clear guidance on the most common disorders primary-care physicians encounter. Featuring: * The Current Standards of Care * Therapy Recommendations * Medication Tables * Patient Resources Packed with helpful features, Psychiatry Essentials for Primary Care presents all the information non-specialists will need clearly and concisely. Throughout the book, mnemonics reinforce key concepts and make them easy to remember. Guides to psychiatry to often leave physicians feeling overwhelmed with more information than they need to better treat their patients; Psychiatry Essentials for Primary Care is the cornerstone for psychiatric knowledge physicians have been waiting for!

Editor: Schneider, Robert K, Editor: Levenson, James L

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1930513712
Language: English
Pages: 274

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