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Psychoanalyzing: On the Order of the Unconscious and the Practice of the Letter



In Psychoanalyzing, Serge Leclaire offers a thorough and lucid exposition of the psychoanalysis that has emerged from the French “return to Freud, ” unfolding and elaborating the often enigmatic pronouncements of Jacques Lacan and patiently working through the central tenets of the “Ecole freudienne.” As a concise but nuanced introduction to the subject, Psychoanalyzing will prove indispensable to anyone interested in psychoanalysis, especially those curious about its Lacanian reconceptualization and the linguistic theory of the unconscious and its effects. Leclaire’s study is particularly valuable for the way its author links theoretical issues to psychoanalytic practice.

Author: LeClaire, Serge, Translator: Kamuf, Peggy

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 804729115
Language: English
Pages: 168

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