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Psychological Meanings of Social Class in the Context of Education (Volume 59, No. 4, 2003)


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This issue of JSI is an effort to engage psychologists in a critical study of social class; that is, a systematic, research-based literature focused on the exploration of the psychological meaning of social class to diverse groups of people. Because educational institutions both attempt to offer opportunity and often simultaneously reproduce existing class stratification, the context of education is an ideal stage on which to watch the dynamics and contradictions of class play out in both individual and social psychology.

  • Focuses on understanding attitudes, beliefs and attributions about class.
  • Examines the processes through which education may provide class mobility for some, while maintaining class status for others.
  • Brings attention to the implications of a critical psychology of social class for both educational policy and practice.

Editor: Ostrove, Joan M, Editor: Cole, Elizabeth R, Editor: Frieze, Irene Hanson

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1405118849
Language: English
Pages: 248

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