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Psychology of Men Who Abuse Women: And How to Respond & Get a Life!


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Dr. Paul Dawson’s PSYCHOLOGY OF MEN WHO ABUSE WOMEN: And How to Respond & Get a Life! Every day television and newspapers are filled with articles of abusive, destructive husbands and lovers and the women they mistreat, degrade, and sometimes physically hurt. Who are these men and why do they do it? Who are these women and why do they take it? What is the sickness that makes it impossible for the men to stop? What is the sickness that stops these women from escaping? Can the abusive men actually change their pattern of behavior? Can the abused woman actually find happiness in these relationships? Dr. Paul Dawson presents case histories of destructive, even dangerous relationships and explores methods of building self-esteem, gaining a positive self-image and developing a satisfying romantic relationship. A “must read” for any man or woman in an abusive, toxic relationship. Dr. Dawson earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from The New School for Social Research, Graduate Faculty in New York City; has been a psychologist in clinics, schools, mental hospitals; was chief psychologist of a state prison system; has been in private practice & consulting in New York; he has written over 30 books including: ANGELINA JOLIE PSYCHOANALYZED; BIPOLAR ZOO; BIPOLAR JUNGLE; BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER; BPD RECOVERY; CHARACTER INTELLIGENCE (CI); CAMPUS KILLER’S SECRET OBSESSION; GRACE KELLY SESSIONS; HOW TO GET SOBER; JACKIE O SESSIONS; JACKIE ONASSIS IN THERAPY; JFK JR MURDERED; JODI ARIAS; MANSON INTERVIEWS RAW; MARILYN MONROE DIAGNOSED; MASKS OF A LADY KILLER; MASKS of PREDATORS; MASKS of SEX PREDATORS; MASKS of TED BUNDY; MY PRINCESS DIANA THERAPY SESSIONS; MY TED BUNDY INTERVIEWS RAW!; NARCOTERRORIST PSYCHOPATHS; PRINCESS DIANA DIAGNOSED; PSYCHOLOGY OF HIDDEN INFLUENCE; PSYCHOLOGY of MEN WHO ABUSE WOMEN; PSYCHOPATHS; ROCK STARS DIAGNOSED; ROYAL SESSIONS; ROYAL SESSIONS 2; ROYAL SESSIONS 3; SERIAL KILLERS; SERIAL KILLERS 2; SERIAL KILLERS 3; SEX CRIMES; SEX, LOVE & SMART DATING; SKULL SCRAPERS: A CAMILLE LAURENT THRILLER (series of thriller novels); SPIES & ASSASSINS; SPIRITUAL THERAPY; TERRORIST IMPERATIVE; THE MASKS OF KARLA HOMOLKA.

Author: Dawson, Dr Paul

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1490914056
Language: English
Pages: 344

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