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Psychology of Shame: Theory and Treatment of Shame-Based Syndromes, Second Edition


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In this classic volume, Kaufman synthesizes object relations theory, interpersonal theory, and, in particular, Silvan Tompkins’s affect theory, to provide a powerful and multidimensional view of shame. Using his own clinical experience, he illustrates the application of affect theory to general classes of shame-based syndromes including compulsive; schizoid, depressive, and paranoid; sexual dysfunction; splitting; and sociopathic. This second edition includes two new chapters in which Dr. Kaufman presents shame as a societal dynamic and shows its impact on culture. He examines the role of shame in shaping the evolving identity of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities, and expands his theory of governing scenes. This new edition will continue to be of keen interest to clinical psychiatrists as well as graduate students.

Author: Kaufman, Gershen

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 826166725
Language: English
Pages: 364

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