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Psychotherapy for the 21st Century: Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction: A Workbook for Mental Health Professionals



What if you could open a book and learn the tools to “see” into the human psyche? Could finding solutions to psychological problems be as clear cut as taking aspirin for a headache, or splinting a leg that is broken? Would you like to know the barriers that prevent mental health professionals from effectively treating their clients? Are you curious to know why some psychotherapists are fabulously successful with their clients while others just get by? The author struggled with these questions for many years before discovering Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction.

Quantum Physics states that nothing is fixed, that no limitations exist, and that everything is energy that vibrates. Further, you, a human being, are an extension of source energy. The Law of Attraction dictates that you bring into your life what you focus upon.

Many people may have heard about these two concepts from the DVD and book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The author takes you to the next level by providing you with a simple, yet comprehensive tool, The Quantum Psychotherapy Template(TM), which is based on Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction.

The author provides you with prerequisites that must be addressed before utilizing The Quantum Psychotherapy Template(TM), and sample vignettes which demonstrate how to apply the template to problems clients may encounter in their lives.

In addition to using Quantum Psychotherapy Template(TM) in psychotherapy, the author outlines how to use the template in related fields of Employee Assistance Programs, Management Consultation, Life Coaching and Building Your Business.

Author: Hammelman, Lcsw Tracie L

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1432751980
Language: English
Pages: 120

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