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Release, Healing & Finding Purpose



Repairing the ’emotional heart’ means admitting, facing, accepting, crying, talking, sharing, forgiving, understanding, and letting go. Without these practices, trapped emotions cause severe fatigue, imbalanced lifestyle and can attribute to loss of life.

Says Vikki, “Finding purpose was not that complicated for me, once I came to understand certain things associated with my experiences. For me to get to this place I had to release a great deal of painful emotions, reflect on my past, and ponder questions about my future.

I was forced to ‘face’ my past, look it square in the eye. I questioned why I went through this, went through that; how and why I survived this or that. As I began to ponder, reflect and meditate on various episodes of my life, the ‘eye’ of my mind opened; I was able to see things that I had not seen before.

This ‘eye’ of the mind could not ‘see’ until I first released untouched areas of the heart. Granted, it was the most difficult thing I had ever done in my life. Releasing unaddressed emotions, due to my experiences, helped me to see clearer, it ultimately gave me new perspective on my life. This journey became my Road to Damascus.

Author: Hankins, Vikki

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 998965316
Language: English
Pages: 342

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