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Rhythms of Dialogue in Infancy: Coordinated Timingin Development


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Coordination between infant and adult is thought to be essential to infant development. However, the study is theoretically and methodologically grounded in a dyadic systems perspective and relational psychoanalysis. Our automated apparatus explores the micro-second timing of 4-month infant-adult vocal coordination to predict 12-month infant attachment and cognition. This work also further defines a fundamental dyadic timing matrix that guides the trajectory of infant development.

Author: Jaffe, Joseph, Author: Beebe, Beatrice, Author: Feldstein, Stanley, Author: Crown, Cynthia L, Author: Jasnow, Michael D, Commentaries by: Rochat, Philippe, Commentaries by: Stern, Daniel N

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 631232117
Language: English
Pages: 164

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