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Rumination: Learn to Overcome Your Destructive Thoughts and Start Thinking Positively


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Does the idea of thinking positively sound like the devil inviting you into the depths of hell? Those of us who suffer from anxiety, depression and rumination know that “thinking positively” is easier said than done. We reject it by rolling our eyes and dismissing the idea because for some reason, it just doesn’t feel good to think positively. Why is it that your mind is rejecting an idea that you know is probably good for you? The answer is the path of least resistance. Your Brain Is Like A City With Roads In your city, you have positive buildings (aka positive thoughts) and negative buildings (negative thoughts). Every time you think negatively, you build a road to a negative building. Every time you think positively, you build a road to a positive building. If you’re always thinking about negative things, the roads leading to your negative buildings will be nicely paved highways with no speed limit. They will be your paths of least resistance. Then, someone like me (hello!) comes a long and says “you should think positively” which means, you should go to a positive building in Brain City. You’ll think about that for a moment and then realize… the roads to the positive buildings are no good! They are unpaved dirt roads that are windy and uphill. They are the path of maximum resistance because you haven’t spent any time building those roads. If you are depressed, anxious or suffer from rumination, your roads to positive buildings are not fun to drive on and when you drive on them, it won’t be easy. You have a lot of work to do to build those positive roads, but once you get them all built up – your negative roads won’t be so tempting. This Book Will Teach You To Build Positive Roads You will learn: -The scientifically proven reasons why you ruminate and have anxiety -The easiest ways to control your thoughts -The differences between unhealthy rumination and healthy rumination -Step by Step methods on how to turn unhealthy rumination into healthy thoughts -The tools you need to make positive thinking easy -How to Stop THINKING about your life and start LIVING it Start learning the tools you need to reach peace of mind, TODAY.

Author: Otoya, Lana

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 172344345X
Language: English
Pages: 100

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