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Self-Confidence: You Deserve to Be Self-Confident!


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We all have our own idea of what confidence is. Confidence is often defined in terms of believing in or trusting someone else. “We had every confidence in the staff.” That is not how it is defined in these essays. Confidence here is defined as belief and trust in oneself. It is being comfortable in one’s own skin and therefore equal to the tasks at hand. Confidence has nothing to do with feeling certain. Nor does a confident person display superiority or preeminence in any way. On the contrary, the confident person recognizes his limitations, but is resolute in developing himself within those parameters. He knows that he may sometimes falter, prove less than equal to the task, but he will not get down on himself. Instead, he will learn from the situation, bank on experience and move on. Confidence is not something learned in books, taking courses, attending seminars, or following a set of rules. Confidence is a mindset, a state of mind. SEE HOW CONFIDENT YOU ARE WITH THE 100 QUESTION TEST AT THE END OF THE BOOK!

Author: Fisher, James

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1799096211
Language: English
Pages: 324

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