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Sexual Offender Treatment



The knowledge base on sexual offender treatment has become so extensive that following established paths is no longer the only way to expand understanding and improve the assessment and treatment of clients.

Written by established and recognised experts, Sexual Offender Treatment: Controversial Issues explores only the most current, novel and controversial issues in the field of sexual offender treatment

This comprehensive text covers a wide range of issues, such as recidivism risk assessment, diagnostic problems, preparatory programs, psychopathy and online sexuality. The contributors to this book are speculative and provocative, yet base their controversial approaches on evidentiary findings.

With fresh and alternative perspectives offered in each chapter, this volume aims to generate discussions and challenge the reader to reconsider their position on the issues. This innovative collection will appeal to all those working with sexual offenders in a range of capacities.

Editor: Marshall, William L, Editor: Fernandez, Yolanda, Editor: Marshall, Liam, Author: Serran, Geris

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 470867744
Language: English
Pages: 304

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