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Splintered Innocence: An Intuitive Approach to Treating War Trauma


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THE SORROWS OF CHILDHOOD WAR TRAUMA OVERSHADOWING ADULTHOOD In the new millennium, global peace remains elusive and the demon of war as present, as ever. Splintered Innocence, while focusing on the horrific scale and spectrum of psychological trauma inflicted by the Second World War, describes the disturbing and complex spectrum of the long-term psychological impact of early war trauma on the conscious and unconscious minds of war children, and the transmission of these trauma to their offspring. Based on the author’s own clinical practice and innovative style of intuitive discovery, Splintered Innocence is designed to draw attention to a hugely neglected topic in mental health theory, diagnosis and treatment, and to help psychiatrists, psychotherapists, family therapists, counsellors and other professionals working with adults and children who have suffered war trauma in childhood. While providing a blueprint for dealing with the trauma of wars and armed conflicts that have ravaged many countries of the globe over the last seventy years, Splintered Innocence is also intended to help interested general readers obtain a greater awareness of the powerful impact of war on their lives.

Author: Heinl, Peter

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 993153232
Language: English
Pages: 238

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