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Studying vs. Learning: The Psychology of Student Success


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What exactly does a successful student look like? Would you know a successful student if you saw one? Is that student staring back at you in the mirror? If you want to maximize your learning and success, you need quality thinking skills, learning skills, and psychological skills far more than you need studying tips. This book will help you develop those skills, making you a more confident, efficient, and productive student. It is a practical guide to developing essential college skills, many you have never learned about before, with straight-forward suggestions you can put into practice right now.When you’re dealing with hard classes, difficult material, deadlines, negative feedback, bad teachers – not to mention all the stuff in your life outside of school – studying skills won’t help you. When life is tough, you don’t make flashcards and memorize definitions. You need the personal skills and habits described in Studying vs. Learning to deal effectively with the challenges you face, inside and outside of school.The ideas offered are supported by the author’s 20 years of clinical and teaching experience, along with hundreds of scientific research findings. It is all described in plain English, so you can know what scientists and educators know about what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to learning and succeeding in college. Ordinary “studying” books do not give you that. Studying and learning are not necessarily the same thing. To learn, you must know how to think. This book will help you learn the skills and positive habits you need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Author: Dvorak, Troy

Media: Book
ISBN: 1543918506
Language: English
Pages: 220

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