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Sweet Corn: Adventures in Iowa


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In a moments notice, Sue’s life changed. She was diagnosed with cancer and her husband was having an affair. It was as if a Iowa whirlwind had come along and picked up everything she knew to be true and put it all down in the wrong place. She had not been home in a few years to Blairstown, IA. She couldn’t help but feel that the slower pace would help her figure out the problems in her life. Its not easy though, when your high school sweet heart, who happens to be a woman, still wants to marry you. Then there is Grandma Thomson, a retired radio star, still driving her Towncar at the age of 86, and riding in hot air balloons. Sometimes it takes a town to put things back together after a twister hits. Come along and see what decisions Sue makes in her adventures in Iowa.

Author: Strauch, Tobey Lynne

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1449959695
Language: English
Pages: 416

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