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Talking to Yourself: How Cognitive Behavior Therapy Can Change Your Life.


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Talking to Yourself shows you how to stop the critical voice inside your head, which causes anxiety, depression and negative decisions. It teaches you how to become your own best friend, coach and mentor. A simple 5 Step Method guides you from toxic self talk to a new supportive language. By changing your internal dialogue, you profoundly alter your relationship with yourself and others. Topics covered include: 1.Perfectionism and how to overcome it, 2.How to slow down and enjoy your own life, 3.How to listen to yourself so that you don’t spend your life in depression and pleasing others at your own expense and 4. How to monitor the demands of your internal judge so that you remain healthy and in balance. Talking to yourself gives examples of the 5 Step Method in a variety of areas, ranging from sex to anger to procrastination and addiction. Because it bypasses the usual questions about the truth of your critical messages, it allows you to focus on what is helpful in promoting your growth and living your own best, most authentic life.

Author: Butler, Dr Pamela

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1419687433
Language: English
Pages: 180

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