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Team Building, Emotional Intelligence & the Word


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Being successful and prosperous is a goal for many of us. While we may have different definitions of what those terms mean, there is, for the most part, a consensus in both our personal and professional lives of what they would look like. What is often misjudged, however, is whether or not our level of success and prosperity is relative to how smart we are-e.g., our IQs. In reality, studies show that emotional intelligence (EQ) is far more important when it comes to success. After all, it’s not what we know-it’s who we know. “Emotional Intelligence, Team Building & The Word” offers a resource for those in the workforce, communities, families, and churches where the effective functioning of team members is crucial to progress, success, and harmony. This is a one-of-a-kind guide that delivers a transformational journey to a compassionate, wiser, resilient, & better you. The book uses Bible stories to explain the principles of emotional intelligence as a means to improve team building in the workplace and community. Deftly weaving psychology concepts, biblical passages, and principles of organizational culture together, the author creates a tapestry that informs and nourishes your emotional self as it teaches how to maximize your greatest asset: you. With chapters ranging from being an awesome boss, overcoming challenges and obstacles to negotiating your position and loving your team; this unique self-help tour de force fosters better self-understanding, self-awareness, and connection with others. The principles of emotional intelligence will immediately improve your ability to work in any environment especially the complex multi-disciplinary system of today. By using multiple philosophies to approach the topic, the author provides strategies for better relationships with your co-workers, subordinates, friends and families that are well-rounded and deliver a breadth of understanding rarely found in the self-help field that is informative and thought provoking. “Emotional Intelligence, Team Building & The Word” will change your life for the better as it dramatically improves your emotional intelligence and team building acumen.

Author: Ogunyemi, MD Dotun a

Topic: Inspirational
Media: Book
ISBN: 1484856546
Language: English
Pages: 158

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