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/The Problem with Women Is Men Volume 2: A Social Media Memoir



On the heels of his internationally acclaimed book The Problem with Women… is Men (Vol. 1), author, relationship expert and Social Inspirationalist Charles J. Orlando is doing it again… transforming the relationship and marriage self-help genre by offering real-world thoughts, inspiration, and thought-provoking perspective to a worldwide audience on Facebook. Hundreds of thousands of people read his writing every day, and now you are cordially invited to get involved. /theproblemwithwomenismen is the first Socially Engaged book, offering the reader the opportunity to become part of the experience online. Read the book, visit the page and join in the conversation… gaining the perspective of thousands in the process. Visit http: // and see for yourself

Author: Orlando, Charles J

Topic: Family / Parenting / Childbirth
Media: Book
ISBN: 1468028030
Language: English
Pages: 166

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