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Therapy at Lightning Speed: Case Studies of Emdr


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Therapy at Lightning Speed offers an in-depth look at how EMDR, a revolutionary new therapeutic approach, helps clients transform their lives more rapidly than was ever thought possible. Take an inside look at the therapy process of one of the fastest, most effective methodologies in use today. You will be an eyewitness to the therapy process of nine different clients with nine different issues including: *acute recent trauma * profound depression * rage attacks * self-sabotage in business * submissiveness * despair * couple’s interlocking issues * social anxiety. Using transcripts of actual therapy sessions, Therapy at Lightning Speed gives you a firsthand experience of how Dr. Rachel Aarons helps clients release destructive attitudes and behavior patterns to move forward in their lives. What is amazing is that this is work that would previously take months and even years to resolve.

Author: Aarons, Rachel B

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 984232729
Language: English
Pages: 364

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