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Through Sickness and in Health: — How to Survive Your Spouse’s Mental Illness


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Authored by Tami Dickerson, a wife who has been through the devastating realization that her husband had developed severe mental illness. Tami doesn’t just tell their own story — she also provides plenty of vital information so that other couples in a similar crisis can take control of their own situations as well: Learn the differences in various mental disorders and how to receive an accurate diagnosis. Learn the various treatment options and how they relate to the diagnosis. Learn what legal rights you have and what will be expected of you throughout your spouse’s treatment. Learn what rights your spouse retains during treatment and how to file a complaint if a professional violates your spouse’s rights. Learn what to do if your spouse must be institutionalized. Learn where to find emotional support for yourself, your children, and other family members.Learn the unexpected bumps in the road you may encounter along the way. Whatever your situation is, this book is written to help support you and your marriage as you journey through this crisis together. Rest assured that there is help and treatment for your spouse that can restore him or her to a mentally healthy state.

Author: Dickerson, Tami, Editor: Kline, Timothy

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1493584049
Language: English
Pages: 116

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