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Transcendence in Relationship: Extentialism and Psychotherapy


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Psychotherapy, in order to survive, must shift from curing to caring. The pathological model is giving way to the growth model. Finding wholeness in our confusion requires imagination and transcendence. Healing requires more than self-knowledge and awareness. Only through experiencing oneself, in a struggle of mutual acceptance, are the blocks to the life force removed. The book is about being fully alive. It leads to the thinking of the most profound psychotherapy into the next century. Existentialism is the framework by which the author addresses our deepest life needs. It alone gives meaning to our experience. A seasoned and thoughtful clinician, the author furnishes rich techniques and approaches toward a new understanding of patients’ life dilemmas. His solid and dramatic case material shows how he keeps himself and his patients deeply engaged in experiencing life in abundance. This nourishing book will lead both therapist and client away from burnout into deeper lives of optimism, freshness and creativity.

Author: Willis, Robert J

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1567500730
Language: English
Pages: 240

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