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Understanding Elder Abuse: A Clinician’s Guide



As the baby boom generation reaches retirement age, mental health clinicians will increasingly be working with older adults, some of whom will have experienced abuse or are at risk of experiencing abuse. This book will help clinicians recognize and respond appropriately should they encounter such clients in their practice.

This concise, reader-friendly book quickly familiarizes readers with essential aspects of the field of elder abuse, including risk and protective factors, the important roles played by of cognition and capacity, clinicians’ legal and ethical obligations to report suspected or known elder abuse, and the purpose and function of adult protective services. Readers will learn strategies to communicate effectively with older adults, screen for cognitive deficits, detect possible abuse, and work in tandem with adult protective services. Current and emerging interventions targeting older adults and their caregivers are also reviewed, along with a brief summary of needed research. Clinicians looking to begin or enhance their practice with older adults will find Understanding Elder Abuse an invaluable resource.

Author: Jackson, Shelly L

Topic: Legal Reference / Law Profession
Media: Book
ISBN: 1433827557
Language: English
Pages: 153

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