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Unfortunate Hero: The Soldier’s Path from Trauma and Addiction



This book is a guide written to help professionals providing care, family member of soldiers, and other survivors of trauma. It is a book offering life solutions to help overcome addiction and lingering pain from war to a path for successful recovery and quality of life. There are many books and articles that discuss either addiction recovery or recovering from an intense personal trauma, rape, abuse, floods or even car wrecks. Little is written about how to effectively and quickly get and stay sober while manage the trauma of war simultaneously. This book explains in a straight forward easy to read and symptoms of trauma, polytrauma complicated by addiction. This book does far more than describe the problem it offers solutions for our returning soldiers. The pain, anger, and sense of being lost that often follows discharge from of active combat. Self-medication with drugs and drinking, family problems, suicide and violent outburst has wounded our heroes. This writing use evidence based, cutting edge methods guiding the soldier to find or regain the faith and love of life damaged by the experience of war.Pioneer in treating trauma and addiction. 4 other prepublication

Author: Evans, Dr Katie

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 1452823707
Language: English
Pages: 212

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