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“what Word Defines You?”



“What Word Defines You?” Learn the word that defines you and you’ll understand why your relationships may not be working and why you need to know the ‘word’ of your potential partner, before becoming too involved. What is it that keeps you going; that drives you further; that holds your interest; that fills your life and that you couldn’t live without? It’s not something most people think about in terms of their life existence. If you did, what word would you say defines the essence of who you are? Before I continue, let me say, “I know there is no single word that defines any one person.” Having said that, the word I’m referring to is the word that best defines the essence, the roots as it were, of who you are. From that base/root word, sprouts many other words that express who you are as well. Which word is it that signifies the strongest of impulses, that carries your emotions and essence through trying times. This is the word I’m referring to. The word you would not want to do without. This book will help you find your word, so that you can have a relationship. that keeps both of you happy.

Author: Brown, Jeannie, Editor: Jay, R

Topic: Love / Sex / Marriage
Media: Book
ISBN: 1453707948
Language: English
Pages: 138

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