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Yoga & Mindfulness Therapy: A Woman’s Ultimate Guide (45 Poses for Stress Relief of Yoga for Complete Beginners): Healthy Living, Meditation, Yoga


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“So far, many people have not only heard about yoga but also tried to practice it. But not everyone knows how the concepts of ‘yoga’ and ‘therapy’ are close to each other.”
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Yoga therapy is the branch of yoga, and the term ‘therapy’ (treatment) determines the purpose of this chapter. Yoga therapy is designed to strengthen and recreate health and improve the general body condition. This method is based, as you may have understood from its name, on yoga practice. Conventionally, practice is the name of an exercise – asana. Unlike simple physical activities, each method combines physical movement, breathing techniques, attention concentration and understanding what is happening. So, it is a multilevel, multifaceted business.

Yoga therapy includes a broad range of health practices. They can significantly vary in methods, activity, and intensity, but they all remain accessible to everyone, and you need neither physical nor theoretical specialized training to start your exercises.

Yoga includes many different aspects, from historical and philosophical to experimental and scientific. But the most popular one is practical. It’s because of every year, the most of us face the following issue more and more sharply: how to keep healthy, to remain beautiful and slim? And the excessive speed of life, the high level of stress, the environmental problems – all these factors of reality have a hugely negative impact on both the physical and emotional state of a human. And we are searching for the solution…

In this book, you’ll find a detailed description of the performance methods and practical guidance of the training sequence of the yoga first level of complexity. Besides the ways of the actual performance of asana, it also describes the effect of their impact on a practitioner’s body and psychoenergetic structure. Based on the ancient texts of the Tradition of Yoga and preserving its Spirit, the fundamental principles of Pranayama practice, personal discipline and correct life behavior, leading to progress and evolution of consciousness are described here.

Here You Will Learn…

  • The Healing Yoga Not Just Simple Therapy!
  • From Theory to Practice Morning Yoga: Energy Set of Exercises
  • Yoga Asanas: Static Poses of Perfection
  • Yoga Positive Impact on Female Health: Facts
  • Yoga – Breath of Passion
  • Bonus! Yoga: 2 Minutes for Stress Relief (Complete collection – save $2.99)
  • Much, much more!

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Author: Rowe, Martha

Topic: Consumer Health
Media: Book
ISBN: 1546696180
Language: English
Pages: 106

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