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52 Simple Ways to Raise Your Vibrations



We are all on our own individual journeys through life. How we feel and what we do on our journey matters. Thoughts, words, and actions have a vibrational energy. We are constantly giving and receiving energy. We have the ability to change that energy and improve how we feel. The style and quality of the energy that we give and receive can largely determine how we experience our physical existence.

This book outlines fifty-two simple ways to raise your vibrational output and, consequently, increase our enjoyment of the journey. By using some of these approaches, we can create sufficient momentum in our lives to facilitate change.

The aim of the book is to energize and empower the reader by giving them fifty-two different suggestions to help raise their own vibrational output and energies. Some practices will strike a chord with the reader, others may not. The methods are wide ranging, easily implemented, and straightforward.

If there are areas in your life that need improving then this book is a great tool to help you initiate those changes. I believe the whole world is in need of positive change right now, but that needs to start with each individual. When we raise our vibrations, we are contributing to creating a better world and a better future, the reason why we are all here.

Author: Redmond, Michael

Topic: New Age / Body, Mind & Spirit
Media: Book
ISBN: 152451845X
Language: English
Pages: 144

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