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AA to Z: Addictionary to the 12-Step Culture



“AA to Z” is the first book to document the richness and diversity of the lives of recovering people and to provide an encyclopedic look at this unique subculture. Less self-help than enlightenment and entertainment, “AA to Z” is comprised of real-life stories of recovering addicts as well as an “addictionary” of recovery terminology. Everything from the well-known slogan “One Day at a Time” to more esoteric terms like “pigeon” (a lovingly insulting term for a newcomer to the program) and “Wharf Rats” (sober Deadheads) is explained with clarity, insight, and humor. Conversational, witty, and engaging, “AA to Z” is a must-have for all 12-step participants and their loved ones, and it offers the uninitiated a fascinating firsthand look at one of the most influential yet least-documented cultural movements of our time.

Author: Cavanaugh, Christopher

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 385483406
Language: English
Pages: 208

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