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Adventurer’s Guide: To Celtic Reiki



The introductory book in a series of four works that immerse you in the Celtc Reiki Mastery Home Experience. Used in conjunction with CDs and the online experience, these profound and informative guides, invite you to explore the awe-inspiring realms of Celtic Reiki. The Adventurer is the first Mystic that you become in Avatar State. An intrepid explorer: the Adventurer asks questions, approaches every challenge with courage and senses the world as a child, where everything is new and full of wonder. The Adventurer asks you to forget all that you have known and to discover, from a new perspective, one of the world’s most beautiful and popular forms of Reiki Mastery available. PART OF THE CELTCI REIKI MASTERY HOME EXPERIENCE –

Author: Pentecost, Martyn

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 1907282386
Language: English
Pages: 122

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