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The latest volume in the Sexual Medicine series, Alcohol and Sexuality provides an extensive review of current literature on the inter-relationship between alcohol use/abuse and sexuality. Topics addressed include the effects of alcohol on sexual responses of male and female social drinkers and male and female alcoholics; the incidence of sexual deviance in male alcoholics; marital sexual adjustment in male alcoholics; the relationship of sex victimization to the intoxicated state in female victims; marital sexual adjustment in actively drinking male and female alcoholics; influence of chronic alcoholism upon homosexual and lesbian relationships; sexual adjustment of single recovering female alcoholics. Also included is a section that focuses upon the influence of other substances–opioids, cocaine, tetahydrocannabinols–on sexual responses.

Author: Schuster, Carlotta

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 275925595
Language: English
Pages: 142

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