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Anxiety: 2 Books in 1: Dealing with Anxiety & Anxiety Relief


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Are you tired of feeling panicked for no apparent reason, missing great opportunities, and avoiding situations that make you feel uncomfortable? There is no reason to put up with this anymore. In this book, you will learn: – What Anxiety Is: Anxiety can be hard to define, especially for someone who has never tried to do so. In this book, you will learn the medical definition for anxiety, along with the statistics about it. – How to Tell When It’s Serious: How are you to know when you are just experiencing regular anxious feelings like everyone else, or when this problem needs to be thought about more seriously? You will find out in chapter one. – The Right Mindset to Have: Beating anxiety all starts with the right set of beliefs, information, and the correct mindset. This is how you become empowered to beat this problem, and this book will guide you through it. – The Experts on Anxiety: In this book, you will learn about different ideas posed by professional psychologists or other anxiety sufferers who have conquered their problem. In chapter four, we will cover Claire Weekes’ effective ideas and methods for calming yourself and getting anxiety under control. – Other Tips and Tricks: Need concrete steps to get rid of your anxiety once and for all? This book is full of methods, tips, and tricks to use that will help you, starting today. This includes breathing methods, meditation, nutrition advice, and more. Following the guidance in this book will have you on the path to recovery sooner than you think!

Author: Williams, K

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1544960662
Language: English
Pages: 150

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