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Black Jack Jetty: A Boy’s Journey Through Grief



Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family

Ever since his soldier father is killed in Afghanistan, Jack has been frightened. He has nightmares. He doesn’t see his friends as often. He worries. He worries all the time. So when his mother suggests traveling across the country to the Jersey Shore for the summer, his fears escalate.

But Jack is about to experience the magic and mystery of Black Jack Jetty. Join Jack and the treasure-hunting cousins as he discovers the healing powers of family. Learn how the Atlantic shore, with its crashing waves, ragged rocks, and sandy beaches, helps Jack to cope with his father’s death and to celebrate life.

From the note to readers:

Dear Reader,

There is no doubt that the death of a parent is immensely painful and the feelings surrounding your loss are very strong. No one can replace your mom or dad, and you can intensely feel that something is missing in every part of your life for a really long time. When you’re grieving, you may not know what to do or what to say. You may not know how you should feel or what you should think. But what exactly is grief? How do you feel? And, what can you do to take care of yourself and your feelings during this difficult time?

Author: Carestio, Michael A

Topic: Children’s Books/Ages 9-12 Fiction
Media: Book
ISBN: 143380784X
Language: English
Pages: 64

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