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Book of Psychiatric Books



This volume consists of critical reviews of the most important works in psychiatry ever published and excerpts from those works. For psychotherapy, more than any other profession, books define the field. Most therapists have a personal list of books that for them have been memorable, perhaps even mutative, in influencing their thinking and clinical practice. But in addition to such individual favourites, choices are made at different times by the larger society and by one’s professional group. As a result, a particular book comes to be regarded for some time as the book of the moment, after which it either sinks into oblivion or passes into the respectability of acceptance as an essential part of any reference list. If it does survive for long, though, it will inevitably come to be seen rather differently over time.

Author: Crown, Sidney, Editor: Freeman, Hugh

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 876685106
Language: English
Pages: 427

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