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Dear Leroy: Forgive the Bully, Follow Your Bliss



Before I was born, my uncle Phil wrote me a letter and began it with Dear Leroy. Years later, after dropping out of high school due to extreme bullying, my cousin lent me her guitar. Over the summer I learned how to express myself with words and music, and eventually write and record simple songs.

Through this process I believe I empowered myself with what I call Creative Confidence because when I returned to school in September I was bully-proof. Problem solved.

Dear Leroy: Forgive The Bully, Follow Your Bliss is based on my metaphorical journey from vampire victim to vampire slayer (the book is rife with monster references) and via a conversational tone promotes creative expression, higher education and DIY entrepreneurship as effective solutions to bullying.

Author: Delorie, Oliver Luke

Topic: Children’s Books/Ages 9-12 Nonfiction
Media: Book
ISBN: 099484686X
Language: English
Pages: 98

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