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Dynamic Assessment in Couple Therapy



More and more, therapists are intervening in marital conflicts without waiting to complete the formal assessment process. While most texts begin with theoretical roadmaps for the process of therapy, Dynamic Assessment in Couple Therapy shows therapists how to begin interventions during the process of assessment. By detailing the procedures and techniques for using their innovative Structured Initial Interview (SII), the authors have designed a practical form of intervention to handle both the complexity of the marital journey and the subtle realities of marital roadblocks. As outlined in this innvative book, SII is a creative source of interaction that will stimulate new insights and helpful new directions for therapists and their clients.

Author: Hiebert, William J, Author: Gillespie, Joseph P, Author: Stahmann, Robert F

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 669248630
Language: English
Pages: 132

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