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Etc.: Frequency Processing and Cognition



From childhood, each of us develops our own personal set of theories and beliefs about the world in which we live. Given the impossibility of knowing about every event that can ever take place, we use cognitive short cuts to try to predict and make sense of the world around us. One of the fundamental pieces of information we use to predict future events, and make sense of past events, is frequency – how often has such an event happened to us, or how often have we observed a particular event? With such information we will make inferences about the likelihood of its future appearance. We will make judgements, assess risk, or even consumer decisions, on the basis of this information. We also from associations between events that frequently occur together, and even (often incorrectly) attribute causality between one event and the other as a result of their simultaneous appearance. This book explores this topic.

Editor: Sedlmeier, Peter, Editor: Betsch, Tilmann

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 198508638
Language: English
Pages: 350

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